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When to Replace Your Eye Makeup

With a lot of Illinois eye care patients, a common question that is asked is how often you should wait before replacing eye makeup. Eye makeup is an umbrella term for various types of beauty products. This includes products such as mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows and so much more. When Eye makeup sits around past its expiration date, harmful bacteria can begin to grow, and when applied to your eye, do significant vision damage.


The best-case scenario would be one when you throw out your makeup as soon as it expires. Using any expired makeup products carries risk, so adhering to the date is the best way to stay safe. This is not something many Illinois eye care patients do, which results in eye infections. Typically speaking, mascara and eyeliner expire in around three months, cream eyeshadow in about six months, and pencil and powder eye products can last around two years. This should not be the only deciding factor, however. Any differences in texture, appearance smell, or any other clear physical differences in your makeup could indicate the growth of harmful bacteria. 

How long does makeup last?

Along with the examples listed above, many makeup brands don’t actually put expiration dates on their products as it is not currently required by law. Luckily here are some time frames that you can use to keep yourself protected: 


  • Lipstick lasts around one year after opening
  • Foundation and Primer last about two years after opening
  • Blush will usually last for two years after opening 
  • Eyeshadow will last two years after opening
  • Pencil eyeliners last one year
  • Liquid eyeliners should be replaced every three months
  • Mascara should also be replaced after three months, but may even expire sooner, so make sure to check for any abnormalities. 


One of the biggest pieces of advice our eye experts give to our Illinois eye care patients is that when makeup appears to be expired, drys up, or is past the date written on the label, do not make an attempt to use it. A common practice we see from eye care patients is using water or saliva to fix dry makeup. This is a terrible idea, and will most definitely lead to severe eye infections. The best way to use makeup is to purchase it in small amounts and then use it within its expiration time frame. Your eyes will thank you. 


More Questions?


If you have any more questions or need any eyecare assistance at all, call the Illinois eye care professionals at Complete Family Eyecare or visit us on Facebook. We are happy to help you and your family with all of their eye care needs!

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