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Protective Eyewear Types and Uses

When visiting your eye doctor Frankfort IL., you may hear the term “eye protection.” While this does refer to your prescription contacts, glasses, and sunglasses, many people mistakenly consider these the only form of eye protection they need. When in reality, eye protection includes many protective devices tailored to whatever activity you may be doing. Regular prescription glasses are not made to withstand impact, damage, or any sort of projectile/debris. You can even injure your eyes more if you use your prescription glasses as a substitute for actual eye protection. This is because many eye doctor in Frankfort IL and other parts of the country offer prescription glasses that are not shatterproof. This means if your glasses shatter while you are wearing them, they can do some serious damage. 


If the activity you are engaging in is simply a construction or repair project, your eye doctor Frankfort IL will most likely suggest protective goggles or eyewear that meets ANSI standards. However, if your activity is sports-related, there are completely different types of eye protection you should be wearing, depending on the sport. It is recommended that you have at least one pair of ANSI standard eyewear in the home at all times. This will provide easy access and prevent you from being tempted to start a project or potentially dangerous activity without the proper protective equipment. If you are unsure whether or not you should use eye protection, it is always good to air heir on the side of caution. For the most part, however, you should wear eye protection in the following situations:


  • Working with any sort of volatile, flammable, or hazardous chemicals 
  • Working in an environment with a high likelihood of flying debris 
  • Working in an environment that involves projectiles 


At the end of the day, it is up to you and your common sense, especially if you are in the presence of children, using your best judgment is vital to protect yourself and others. 


Eye safety at Work 


OSHA is the organization that sets the standards for eye protection in the workplace, depending upon your occupation. The way to know what eye protection you might need is to check with your human resources department or head of safety if applicable and ask about the current policies and standards regarding eye protection. Most occupations will require similar or the same ANSI standard eye protection that you should be using at home. There will be some exceptions such as with welding which requires a full protective face mask. 


Eye Safety During Sport 


ASTM is responsible for the regulations that dictate what eye protection is to be used during sports. Each sport will have its own safety standards depending on the nature of the sport. Ask your league coordinator for a comprehensive list of all of the acceptable versions of eye protection for your particular league and sport. 


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