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Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Many Southern Illinois eye care professionals will cite that thousands of sports-related eye injuries will be treated in United States’ emergency rooms every year. As many of these injuries as there are, over 90% of them could have been prevented if the participant was wearing eye protection. 

How Southern Illinois Eye Care Experts Suggest to Prevent and Treat Sports Eye Injuries.


Depending on the sporting activity you are participating in you have varying levels of risk for an eye injury. That is why it is so important that you not only wear eye protection but ensure that you are wearing the right protective eyewear. A common problem that Southern Illinois eye care professionals see is people with glasses attempting to use them as a form of eye protection. This is far from a good idea. Eyeglasses do not act as protection and can even injure your eyes if they shatter. Always be cautious when performing activities that involve sharp objects, or projectiles they could injury the eye. 


In the event of an eye injury, rush to the emergency room immediately. Even minor eye injuries can quickly become severe and cause problems such as impaired vision, double vision, and even complete blindness in one or both eyes. 


Southern Illinois Eye Care: What Sport Causes Eye Injuries? 


In the United States, the sport with the highest number of eye injuries during play is basketball, followed by baseball. To protect yourself, there are sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses that are shatterproof. These are highly suggested to be worn during games of basketball, soccer, baseball, or any other projectile sport. The ASTM, or American Society of Testing and Materials standards reviews these types of products, so always look for products that meet these standards. 


Combat sports such as MMA and boxing have very high injury risks to the eyes. Unfortunately, there is currently no form of eye protection that is suitable for the sport outside of using thumbless gloves. Participate in these sports at your own risk and be very cautious. 


For heavy contact sports such as men’s lacrosse, ice hockey, and football make sure to use the proper helmet with quality facemasks that meet federal standards. For references, most hockey equipment must meet the Canadian Standards Association’s standards (CSA). 


Have more Questions? 


If you have further questions, have an eye injury yourself, or are looking for Southern Illinois eye care, contact the experts at Complete Family Eyecare today or find us on Facebook! We would be happy to answer any questions you have and get you the eyecare you deserve.

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