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How to Make Makeup Work with My Glasses and Contacts

Finding the perfect makeup routine is complicated enough as it is without glasses or contacts involved. But, throw glasses and contacts into the mix and it gets more complicated. Many people find themselves needing to adjust their makeup routine to fit their glasses or contacts better. Here are some tips from eyecare professionals on how to adjust your routine and how to safely apply makeup.


Makeup and Your Glasses

Getting glasses changes many elements of your life, including how you apply your makeup. Depending on the prescription you have, it could cause your eyes to look bigger or smaller, changing the way that your makeup looks. However, there’s no need to worry! There are many ways to work around your glasses and create a makeup look that is stunning and just right for you! Here are some tips of things to consider to make your new routine with glasses work for you:

  • Have thick or dark frames? These can be balanced out by a pretty bold or bright lipstick color. Additionally, wearing a more neutral eyeshadow look can help your glasses to stand out.
  • Mascara getting on your lenses? It’s super frustrating to put your glasses on only to have your mascara get smeared on the lenses. To fix this, apply less mascara at the tips of your lashes and more towards the roots. This will help keep it from transferring to the lens. 
  • Dark shadows under your eyes from your glasses? Apply concealer to balance out and eliminate the dark circles.


Makeup and Your Contacts

Contacts may not affect how your makeup looks like glasses do, but you do need to consider how to safely wear eye makeup with your contact lenses. In fact, there are some key rules that eyecare professionals want you to keep in mind while applying makeup as a contact wearer. 

  • Order is important! Make sure to put your contacts in before you begin to apply your makeup. In addition, take your contacts out before you remove your makeup.
  • Wash your hands! Before you touch your contacts, make sure that you have washed your hands.
  • Choose makeup types wisely. Use non-allergenic makeup to be safe or avoid eye irritation by choosing an eye shadow that is a water-based cream.
  • Eyeliner. Avoid using eyeliner in your waterline.
  • Check the expiration date. It is best to avoid using eye products that are expired.
  • Skip sharing makeup! Though it is tempting to share makeup products, you should avoid doing so in order to prevent sharing germs.


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