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What Causes Eye Twitching

Many patients will report going about their day when suddenly their eye twitches. After the twitching continues for a while many begin to wonder, what are the eye twitching causes and should I be worried? 


What is Eye Twitching?


Eye twitching is described as a rapid contraction of the eyelid muscles. This is almost always involuntary, and these spasms can occur in both eyelids, even though it most commonly occurs in the lower eyelid. Most eye twitching is minor, which means it is not associated with any sort of disease or condition. However when it comes to this type of eye twitching, the eye twitching causes are harder to spot, and it may take you a while to figure out what is causing the twitching and how to stop it. However, there is absolutely no need to be concerned if this is the type of eye twitching you are experiencing. 


Eye Twitching Causes


Eye twitching is not typically something that should be concerned about as it is far from rare. Most people will develop a slight eye twitch at some point in their lives. A lot of these eye twitching causes are external. Things such as alcohol, stress, caffeine, fatigue, and eye strain, are the most common eye twitching causes. Eye strain can be caused by a variety of factors such as working in front of a computer for long periods of time, changing prescriptions, or needing glasses for the first time. 


However, there are eye twitching causes that are not minor or temporary. Conditions such as dry eyes can cause eye rapid eye twitching. Blepharitis is another condition that can be related to twitching. It is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid that will cause uncomfortable and even painful eye twitching. Luckily, treating this condition can be quite simple. It is usually treated with eye drops, artificial tears, hot and cold compresses, or an eye doctor prescribed treatment such as a cream or scrub. A very small percentage of people can develop a serious condition known as benign essential blepharospasm, which is a series of violent involuntary eyelid contractions that will temporarily prevent them from opening their eyes. 

Eye Twitching Treatment 


The first step to finding eye twitching causes is taking a look at your recent lifestyle choices. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, lower your stress and anxiety levels, or spend less time in front of a screen. Analyzing your lifestyle and making adjustments as necessary is very important in order to stop the twitching. However, if you are experiencing any of the following you should contact your local eye care specialist immediately: 


  • Eye twitching lasting more than 72 hours.
  • Spasms that include the facial muscles. 
  • Swelling, discard, or redness of the eye




If you have any more questions on eye twitching, eye twitching causes, or treatment contact the local eye care experts at complete family eye care, We would be more than happy to help give you peace of mind and ensure that your vision health remains at its best. Contact us today!


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