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Will an Eye Infection Heal Itself?

Chances are you or someone you know has probably caught an eye infection before. If pain, swelling, and itchiness among redness and other symptoms have been noticed, there is likely an infection in the eye. Luckily, eye infections are pretty easy to spot, so you are able to seek quick treatment. But, this begs the following question: will an eye infection heal itself? Keep reading to learn more from the doctors at Complete Family Eyecare in Carbondale, IL.


Will an eye infection heal itself?

Oftentimes, the symptoms of an eye infection will clear up and go away on their own. However, if the symptoms are severe, it is best to seek treatment rather than ignore it. Overall, to maximize your own comfort and speed up the healing process, seeking treatment for an eye infection is a good idea.


What are some common eye infections to lookout for?

There are several different eye infections that occur. Here is a list of the most common ones and what to do about them.


Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

This is an infection in which blood vessels in the outermost membrane of your eye become infected by a virus or bacteria. Symptoms include redness, watery eyes, and itchiness. It is an extremely contagious infection and you will likely need bacterial treatments or antihistamines.



This is an infection of the cornea and can be caused by either injury or a type of infection (bacterial, viral, etc). Symptoms include redness, swelling, pain/discomfort, blurry vision, and more. You’ll need to see a doctor to stop the infection.



This infection is the inflammation of the inside of the eye and has symptoms that include eye pain, partial or complete vision loss, blurry vision, and more. The treatment should be decided upon by a doctor and depends on the severity of the infection.



This is an infection of the eyelids and has symptoms including but not limited to redness, swelling, itchiness, sensitivity to light, and increased tear production. The treatment includes eye drops and antibiotics.



These are infections on the outer edge of the eyelids that are similar in appearance to a pimple. Symptoms include pain, irritation, increased tear production, and more. These can be treated without medical attention unless the infection persists for longer than 7-10 days.


Complete Family Eyecare in Carbondale IL

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