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Eye Care Myths

Chances are, you’ve probably heard one of the many eye care myths that float about. Many of them seem like they could be true. However, it is super important to be aware that they are myths and are not in fact true. Dr. Rudolph of Complete Family Eyecare has put together a helpful guide about what eye care sayings are false.

If you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way.

Growing up, you likely heard this phrase from your grandma any time you crossed your eyes. However, it is far from true! The muscles of the eye allow them to move in all directions, and looking in one direction won’t cause them to get stuck in that place.


Eating carrots will improve your vision.

Another widely told tale of eye care is that eating carrots will improve your vision. While this sounds like a nice and simple way to improve the condition of your eyes, it unfortunately isn’t true. Carrots are full of Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy vision, but it does not improve poor eyesight or reduce the need for glasses or contacts. 


Eye exercises can improve your vision.

Excising other parts of your body can help improve them, but that same logic does not apply to your eyes. Doing eye exercises will not help improve or preserve your vision.


Sitting close to the TV can damage your eyes.

This parent-favorite line has been heard by kids all over the world as they watch TV. However, it is not true! Sitting close to the TV will not cause eye damage, but it may cause headaches and eye strain.


Reading while in dim light is harmful to your eyes.

The brightness of the lighting does not harm your eyes. It does not matter if you read in dim light, the health of your vision will not be affected. However, using dim light to read can cause your eyes to get tired quicker, so Dr. Rudolph does recommend to use brighter light to keep your eyes from tiring as quickly.


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