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How to Treat Computer Eye Strain

The digital age is solving millions of complicated problems every day, but unfortunately, it is also causing many problems too, especially for a local optometrist. Our eyes are straining harder than ever to get through each day. Studies have indicated that a majority of the U.S. population is suffering from some sort of computer eye strain. 


Symptoms of computer eye strain include: 


  • Chronic Headaches
  • Eye fatigue 
  • Neck Strain 
  • Eye Strain 
  • Motion sickness 
  • Dry eyes


Local Optometrist Treatment 


Generally speaking, treatment of eye strain is closely linked to daily activities and the environments you spend most of your time in. Here are ways you can reduce strain in your daily life: 


  • Reduce lighting 
  • Take Breaks
  • Use saline solution
  • Choose the right lenses. 




When using a screen such as a television, computer, or phone, dim the lights in the room if possible. This will reduce the level of work your eye must do in order to make out what is on the screen. If reading printed material, position a light source behind you, or use a lamp with a shade if working from a desk. That way the light is focused on your work and not shining into your eyes. 




Your local optometrist may very well recommend that you take regular breaks when working for extended periods of time. Resting your eyes away from the screen for only a few minutes can significantly reduce eye strain. 


Use Saline 


Store-bought saline solutions to keep your eyes healthy and prevent recurring systems. Your local optometrist can suggest which saline drops will work best for you. Some drops contain preservatives, which can cause damage if used too frequently. Non-preservative eye drops can be used as regularly as needed and are highly recommended.  


Choose the Right Lenses 


Quality eye lenses such as Neurolenses can significantly reduce strain on a daily basis. Neurolenses are designed to reduce strain during regular work activities and screen time. If you have glasses and work in front of a screen for extended periods of time, investing in glasses or lenses that are made to work with screens can be one of the best decisions you make for the overall health of your eyes. 


Have More Questions? Ask your Local Optometrist! 


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