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How To Choose Prescription Glasses

Looking to rock your next pair of prescription glasses, but you aren’t feeling any of the pairs you are trying on? Time to leave the frustration of the search behind, because we are going help you find the best pair of prescription glasses for you.


There are many things to consider when picking up a  new pair of prescription glasses, so let’s break it down. 

  • Face Shape
  • Skin tone 
  • Hair and eye color


Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a major role in how a pair of prescription glasses looks and feels. The most common types of face shapes are oval, heart, oblong, square, diamond, round, and triangle. 

Oval faces are quite easy to find balance with. The general rule of thumb is to find frames that are fairly wide. For reference, the frames of your prescription glasses should be as wide, or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Ex. Walnut-shaped frames, as long as they aren’t too narrow. 

Heart faces are considerably broader at the top than the bottom. Choosing a frame for your prescription glasses that is wider at the bottom, would be ideal for this shape, or you can choose lighter frames, whether lighter in color, or rimless. 

Oblong faces usually have very defined cheek lines, and are longer than most faces. Prescription glasses Frames with more width, and considerable depth can balance the face and look natural. Frames with contrast or unique color will also help even out the face. 

Square faces have some of the strongest jawlines and the widest foreheads. These faces are usually highly proportional. To make the face appear less angular and give yourself a more natural look, narrow prescription glasses frames are suggested. Frames with more depth and width will eliminate corners and give you a stylish look. 

Diamond Faces have highly defined cheekbones and small foreheads. To make your eyes pop and lessen the impact of the cheekbones, having detailed prescription glasses frames or rimless oval-shaped Prescription glasses would be great options. 

Round faces have no hard edges and have a smooth condensed look. Prescription glasses with a strong bridge and rectangular frames, can really lengthen the face. This will provide balance and look more natural. 

Triangle faces have small foreheads and are more defined at the lower part of the face. Having colors, details, or designs that emphasize the top of your prescription glasses will help to widen the face and make it look proportional. Cat-eye frames are also really good choices for triangle faces. 


Skin Tone

Skin tones can either be cool or warm. Warm skin tones have a peachy or orange tint to them, or they can be semi yellow. Cool skin tones have more of a blue tint or a lighter yellow. It’s helpful to choose colors that complement your skin tone


Hair and Eye Color

Eye color and hair color can also be both warm and cool. Due to the range of colors, even blue eyes can appear dark enough to be considered a warm color, but hair color usually falls into a few common categories. Cool colors are dirty blond, platinum, blue-black, auburn, and white. Warm colors are golden blond, brownish-black, and dirty gray.   

Warm glasses colors include khaki, copper, gold, peach, camel, orange, off-white, coral, dark red, and dark blue.

Cool glasses colors include: black, silver, rose, blue-gray, magenta, plum, jade, pink, and dark tortoise.  


Matching your new prescription glasses with your face shape, skin tone, and hair and eye color will ensure you find the pair of glasses you’ll love. When you are ready for your new glasses, contact Complete Family Eyecare. You can visit one of our three locations in Herrin, Carbondale, or West Frankfort. 

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