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Eyecare During Allergy Season

Trees, plants, and flowers are in full bloom and looking beautiful, but they wreak havoc on individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies. So what do you do when you are dealing with the red, itchy eyes that accompany spring? Here are some spring eyecare tips that you can do to minimize the effects of allergies […]

Eye Exam for Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

Once you find a pair of glasses that you like, it can be hard to get a new pair. However, the time to get rid of your favorite pair of eye glasses will come. So, how can you tell when that time is? Here are some signs that you need new glasses.   Sign #1- […]

Eye Exam for Contacts

What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?

What is 20/20 vision?    When getting an eye exam for glasses you may have heard the standard for good sight be referred to as 20/20 vision. This is a term used to describe normal visual acuity. Acuity means the clarity and sharpness of sight. In layman’s terms, 20/20 vision means you can see something […]

How Does my Diet Affect my Vision?

We all know that genetics plays a role in our vision and our likelihood of developing certain eye conditions. However, it is not the only thing that plays a role. An individual’s diet can also affect their vision. Learn more about your diet and how it affects your vision from Dr. Chase Rudolph of Complete […]

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Are Eye Infections Contagious?

There are many different types of eye infections. When patients come in for an eye exam for contacts or glasses, it is common practice to check for most of these conditions. When people have red eyes, they most often think pink eye, whose official name is conjunctivitis. However, most people do not know that conjunctivitis […]

Eye Exam for Glasses

What Can I Do for Dry Eye?

Dry eyes are a common condition according to many comprehensive eye exam and are usually caused by your tears being unable to lubricate your eyes completely. Your tears can lack in either quality, quantity, or even both. Tear instability can lead to dry eyes, which can lead to inflammation and eye damage.    Dry eyes […]

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What Are Lens Coatings?

  You have most likely have talked with plenty of Illinois eye care professionals over the years. Throughout this time, you may have heard them mention something known as lens coatings. Lens coatings are simply coatings or treated lenses that improve the durability and performance of lenses. In some cases, they can even improve the […]

Eye Exam for Glasses

What Causes Contacts to Hurt my Eyes?

If you wear contact lenses, chances are you have experienced some discomfort or pain from the lenses. So, what causes this pain? There are a variety of different reasons for pain caused by contact lenses. Learn more about contact lens pain from the professionals at Complete Family Eyecare.   Improper Care and Use One of […]

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Do I Need a New Contact Exam Every Year

Despite what many think, a contact lens exam and a routine eye exam are not the same thing. Contact lens wearers need to have a contact lens examination alongside their routine comprehensive exams. This may leave with a question: Do I need a new contact exam every year?   What is the Contact Lens Exam? […]

Eye Exam for Contacts

What is a Routine Eye Exam?

Chances are, you’ve had a routine eye exam (and if you haven’t, it might be time to make an appointment). But even if you have had a routine eye exam, you may not know how a routine exam is different from other exams, such as comprehensive eye exams, vision screenings, or medical eye exams. So, […]