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How to Care for your Glasses and Contacts

Your glasses or contacts are a huge part of your life and need the proper care so that their benefit can be maximized. Taking the proper care of your glasses or contacts is an important part of being a glasses wearer. The Complete Family Eyecare group has put together a guide for how to properly care for both glasses and contacts.


Glasses Care

Glasses collect dust as we wear them, so it is important that they get cleaned regularly. Although it may be tempting to reach for the corner of your shirt, we do not recommend that as a way to clean your glasses. Instead, use a cloth that is microfiber or cotton and some glasses cleaner. And, you can even make your own glasses cleaner using a drop of soap in a small spray bottle.


However, if there is no glasses cleaning cloth around, using a cotton t-shirt is an acceptable substitute. You need to be careful to make sure that you don’t use anything made of wood-based materials to clean your glasses. This includes items such as napkins or tissues, which are made of wood pulp that easily scratches lenses. In addition, avoid using lens cleaners that are made of chemicals such as ammonia or window cleaner. These cleaners can harm the protective coating on your lenses. 


Lastly, be careful when storing or wearing your glasses! It is best to keep your glasses in your case in order to protect them. In addition, it is best to remove your glasses while sleeping in order to avoid damaging them in your sleep.


Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses take a bit more care to properly maintain. Since contacts sit directly on your eye, hygiene is incredibly important. Before handling your contact lenses, you should wash your hands. Additionally, to further reduce your chances of getting an eye infection from your contacts, always store your contacts in clean solution. Never use water (or even worse, spit).


It is also important to follow the rules associated with wearing contact lenses. Make sure to replace your lenses at the recommended frequency. In addition, while wearing contacts, be sure to avoid rubbing your eyes because this could damage the lenses or introduce germs into the eyes. 


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