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What to Do If Your Glasses Break

Longtime wearers of glasses have likely all felt the sinking feeling of breaking their glasses. Whether the break occurred from being dropped, stepped on, or gave into the daily wear and tear that the glasses have been put through, it is a frustrating situation to find yourself in. Though some of these may be easily preventable with proper care of glasses, some accidents are unavoidable. So, what steps should you take when you have broken glasses? We’ll tell you.


Determine How Extensive the Damage Is

Some breaks are worse than others. Depending on the damage to the glasses, they may be able to be repaired, whether by yourself or with the help of a specialist. The extent of the damage will determine whether or not the broken glasses can be repaired. If the break seems to be significant, you should take them to your eyecare provider who can help you figure out how to proceed. 


Perform Quick Fixes (If Applicable)

There are some fixes for glasses that may be easily performed by either you or your eyecare provider. For example, if the arm of the glasses comes off due to a missing screw, you or someone else in the eyecare space should be able to repair it. Or, if the clear plastic nose-pads come off, a quick trip to your eyecare provider should remedy the problem.


My Glasses Have Extensive Damage… Now What?

While sometimes we get lucky and have small, easy fixes for our broken glasses, that isn’t always the case. In certain instances, the damage done will require the replacement of your glasses or repair by a professional. While it may be tempting to try to repair the broken glasses yourself using superglue or other means, you should avoid doing this. Not only could this harm your glasses, but it could also void any warranty on the glasses.


If you find yourself with broken glasses wondering how to move forward, contact Complete Family Eyecare! Our team will be more than happy to assist you! Call now or make an appointment today!

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