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Helping Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

When your child first starts wearing glasses, it’s likely to be a large adjustment for them to make. Oftentimes, a child who has just become a glasses wearer may be tempted to skip a day or two of wearing them. However, Dr. Rudolph, your local optometrist in Carbondale IL has prepared some advice to help your child adjust to their new glasses.


Set Goals

We understand that it is a difficult transition going from not wearing glasses to wearing them all day. That’s why it’s ok to start out slow and ease them into it. In fact, you can get your child started by having them wear them for just 30 minutes a day, slowly increasing the amount of time they wear them until they can make it a full day.


Appropriate Glasses

A child’s glasses need to be age-appropriate and properly fit their face in order for them to feel comfortable wearing them. In addition, kids also need new glasses more quickly than adults because they outgrow them. Making sure that glasses are replaced often enough is the best way to keep them wearing their glasses.


Make and Enforce Rules

It is important to set rules for glasses-wearing as your child is starting out, but it is just as important to make sure that your rules are enforced. Be sure to let your child’s teachers, babysitters, and other adults in their lives know what your rules are so they can help you hold firm to the rules as well when you are not around.


Provide Role Models

Many kids perceive wearing glasses as embarrassing, so offering them a reminder that there are great role models out there who wear glasses can make a huge impact. A role model can be someone as simple as a sibling or grandparent. Or it could even be their favorite celebrity or fictional character.


Let Them Choose

A great way to help your child adjust better to wearing is to let them choose their own glasses. If your child chooses the glasses that they like, they are much more likely to be excited about wearing them.


Talk to An Optometrist in Carbondale IL

So, if these tips don’t help, give our office a call! Our staff can give you and your child the help you need. Contact us today or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything Complete Family Eyecare.

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